Rafale Scam (which is not by the way) is/was the greatest political issue against Modi government. The Indian Government, Indian Air Force, Ex Indian Air Force personnals, Dassault (Rafale manufacturer), French President, and now even Hon. Supreme Court of India has dismissed all the allegations against Hon. PM Modi. I am not going to reiterating what all of the above said, however, I shall be trying to answer the allegations against the current government.

Pseudo-liberals argument 1: Why Modi Ji (GOI) is not disclosing Rafale Price? He is the head of corruption in Rafale Scam.

  • The total allocation of money is already known and published by many media houses.
  • We (India) has already paid 7.8 Billion Euros to France for 36 fully actionable(ready) Rafale planes.
  • The only thing which is not disclosed by India-France governments is break-up price of each component in the Rafale jet. It is kind of common sense why the government doesn’t want to disclose the features, the weapons and the capabilities of the jet or else our enemies will also get the information of such a powerful weapon.

Source: TOI, Business Insider, Reuters

Psuedo-liberal Argument 2: Modi Government is paying 3 times more than what Sonia Gandhi led Manmohan Singh’s Government had negotiated

  • It’s a less than quarter truth. The current deal is in the same line and lower than any other country on this planet.

Images: Al JazeeraFrance 24

  • Qatar is paying 7 billion € (Euros) for 24 aircrafts, means 292 million € per aircraft (2495 crore INR)
  • Egypt is paying 5.2 billion € for 24 aircrafts, means 217 million € per aircraft (1850 crore INR)
  • India is paying 7.8 billion € for 36 aircrafts, means 217 million € per aircraft ( 1850 crore INR)

Euro To Rupee conversion as on 8th November 2018.

  • Rahul Gandhi, Congress president, has quoted every time different amounts on Rafale deal that Sonia Gandhi led Manmohan Singh’s Government could get Rafale for:
  1. 520 crore
  2. 526 crore
  3. 540 crore
  4. 700 crore

Source:  Rahul Gandhi’s different quotation

  • Now, if you compare numbers from Egypt and Qatar, it proves that Mr. Gandhi is lying to the nation. Price of fully loaded air craft depends on what equipments, features government wants to install on the base (empty) air craft.
  • Rahul Gandhi (Congress) is comparing the price of ‘base’ air craft to a ‘fully loaded’ version with all add-on features, capabilities and weapon systems (1800 crore)
  • If they were getting air craft in just 500 crore, why didn’t they bought?

Allegation 3: Modi ji has replaced HAL by Reliance.

  • HAL was supposed to manufactured 108 planes in India – and this is not a part of deal anymore – now all 36 planes are coming in fly way condition – hence there is nothing HAL can do.
  • Reliance is only supplying off sets (components) of the air craft, not the whole air craft.
  • Since, HAL was supposed to manufacture the air craft and Reliance is the off sets manufacturer, hence there is no comparison and no replacement of each other.

Allegation 4: Also, Reliance has no plane manufacturing experience.

  • That’s true. But not needed. Why? Read below points.
  • Dassault is manufacturing all fully feature occupied 36 planes. Reliance does not need to manufacture planes.
  • Reliance is only supplying components to Dassault. And not only Reliance, there are 72 other Indian companies also selected by Dassault as offset clause. This list includes Tata, Godrej, Mahindra, L&T and lots many. Full list


Source: Livefistdefence

Allegation 5: Hmmm… Ok You might be right! But Reliance has no defence experience.

  • Reliance Defence and Engineering was formed by taking over Pipavav Defence in 2014 which was a defence company.
  • So, they got technology, experience and capability from Pipavav under a new name.
Source: Images: Economic TimesBusiness-Standard
  • It was Dassault who choose Reliance, not the Indian government.
  • Dassault is one of the biggest defence company on this planet. Its their reputation to provide the best defence tech to the governments – they cannot just give tenders to any XYZ company just because government asked them to do so.
  • Since 2013, Dassault was not willing to work with HAL because of low quality constraints. And they were happy to let go whole 126 plane deal instead of providing low quality carriers.
Source: 2013 report in Indian Express
  • Dassault has already provide their difference with HAL[cit], and their support to Reliance[cit].

Now think as a citizen of this country, not as a party supporter.

  • As of now, Indian Airforce needs average 42 squadron fighter jets to guard our border.
  • In 2014, it was down to only 25 jets.
  • More MiG planes are retiring soon, which will reduce the numbers to just only 11 jets.Source

When the Congress led UPA government in power for 10 years (600 months), they did nothing, and they led both Airforce and us down. It is the Narendra Modi led NDA government which closes the deal in 2014 as soon as they got the power, which will provide the finest jets to our Indian Airforce.

Also, in just 4 years, Hon. PM tried to emphasize more on Make in India movement, by collaborating local manufactures with International defence companies. Some examples are-

  • India’s L&T and South Korea’s Hanwha-Techwin (HTW) are manufacturing self-propelled artillery guns in Gujarat, India. [source]
  • Tata Aerospace and Boeing USA are manufacturing fuselages for AH-64 Apache military helicopters in Hyderabad, India. [source]
  • HAL, Mahindra and Boeing USA are manufacturing F/A-18 Fighter Jets in Bengaluru, Inda. [source]
  • Sweden’s SAAB has offered Adani to build Griper jets in India. [source]
  • Similarly, Tata and USA’s Lockheed Martin are soon going to manufacture F-16 fighter jets.
  • And finally, famousKalashnikov Assault Rifles are manufacturing in India. [source]

Final thoughts. The current government is working tirelessly in building up our nation, but somehow these news are not getting reached to the citizens. If you like this article, please share and educate with your friends and family.


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